Leighton India

Trade Training

At Leighton India we recognize that our clients experience our high standards of efficiency, safety and quality through our people. We are both fortunate and proud to have one of the most capable teams in the business and we recognize that our people are paramount to our success.

Our commitment to developing and nurturing our people has led to structured learning programs that ensure that the knowledge, experience and skill of our workforce remain market-relevant and up-to-date. We have also developed a strategic academic partnership to ensure periodic skill up-gradation, capability building and leadership skill development of our employees. Learning opportunities ensure that different needs are addressed across different points in the employees’ career cycles and this development is not restricted to technical skills only.

It is important for us to ensure that we build a culture that enables constant learning and innovation as a hallmark and helps our employees achieve their full potential.

Our efforts to develop our people have resulted in the establishment of a training facility, which runs programs in partnership with TAFE, Australia, through a personalized curriculum that includes concepts and practices. Our sustained efforts result in better quality, faster turnaround times and greater safety not only for our people, but also for our clients.