Leighton India


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As a contractor and project developer, Leighton India views sustainability as meeting or exceeding the performance expectations of all our clients in all of our businesses, while providing consistent and strong returns to shareholders.

In order for us to have a sustainable business, we believe in continuously delivering services that ensure minimal impact on the environment and community. We believe that sustainability is achieved by staying true to our core values. 

Looking forward, some of the non-financial challenges facing the Group include: striving to eliminate work-related fatalities; taking our commitment to safety into foreign markets; securing adequate human resources; implementing a reduction in carbon emissions and continually seeking to make our operations more energy efficient.

All of these challenges are the subject of our constant focus. We are committed to reporting transparently on the key challenges to sustaining our business.

Your feedback is welcomed as part of the process to help us better address sustainability issues for all of our stakeholders.