Leighton India

Ethics Line



Our values are integral to our approach to business. They form the basis of our Group Code of Conduct, which sets the standard of behaviour we expect from everyone across the company.
We are committed to equipping our employees with the necessary information and tools to do business in accordance with our Code at all times.
At Leighton India we have worked hard to establish an open and transparent culture, and encourage our employees to voice their concerns should they come across potentially unethical practices.  People know that if they speak up in good faith, they will be supported for doing the right thing.
We acknowledge that in some circumstances people will prefer to speak to someone other than their manager about their ethical questions or concerns. The Ethics Line provides a safe and effective avenue for our employees to raise issues and have them investigated.
The Ethics Line is an external, independent service operated by a recognised international business risk consultancy. It is staffed around the clock by highly trained consultants with access to a comprehensive interpreter service covering all the regions and languages where we operate. All reports made to this service are treated confidentially.
We have a dedicated Ethics Line that employees may contact 24 hours a day, seven days a week.